Manuel – I was born into a nominal Catholic home. I grew up as any other young Spaniard, with interest in outings, etc. with other young people. Because of that interest, in July of 1978 I found myself in a church camp, where I heard the gospel for the first time. The camp Bible studies focused on the characteristics of a sinner’s heart. In those studies I saw myself as a sinner and accepted Christ.

As a young Christian, I sincerely desired to get involved in the activities and life of the church. I began to participate in music with the youth choir. After a year and a half, the church I was attending started a church in my hometown of Barcelona. There the Lord gave me the precious opportunity to lead a group of young people for five years. During those years I became conscious of the Lord’s calling on my life. The Lord also gave me the privilege of preaching in nursing homes, camps, and in our church. After the military service, the Lord opened the door to go to the U.S. to study for the Ministry. There I met Rosa, who was to be my wife. She had come from a sister church a year before to be prepared for ministry among children. We married, and after finishing our studies we returned to serve the Lord in our home country.

Rosa – I was born into an evangelical home, and I grew up hearing the gospel. At the age of thirteen I went to a church camp, and the words of the gospel reached my heart. I realized I was a sinner and accepted the Lord as my Savior. At the age of sixteen, desiring to be useful in the ministry of children, I attended a two-week seminar on Child Evangelism. At the seminar, we held children’s activities in the street. During those activities a desire to serve the Lord among children began to grow in my heart. While finishing high school, the Lord opened up the opportunity for me to help teach a children’s class at another believer’s home. The children were from the street and from needy homes. It was a wonderful experience. Thinking of my future, I desired to study the Bible to be better prepared to serve Christ. The Lord opened up the opportunity to go to the U.S. to study, and I went in 1984. There I met Manuel, who is now my husband.

Our ministry in Spain

In December 1991, we returned to Spain and served for eighteen months in Valencia. There we substituted for a missionary who had to go to the U.S. to visit his supporting churches. After that period, the Lord directed us to go to Pamplona (May 1993). There was a brother there endeavouring to plant a church. He was also working secularly for his living and we began to do the same. A year after we arrived in Pamplona, this brother left for Uruguay, and I stayed as the pastor of the small group there. We worked a total of ten years in Pamplona. During this time, I realized that I could not continue to work full-time in secular business and work full-time in the ministry. A Christian friend introduced me to Tentmakers Bible Mission and after spending two months in the United States and becoming a Missionary with TBM, the Lord enabled me in January of 1999 to quit my secular work and dedicate myself fully to the ministry. In those years the Lord blessed the ministry; we grew from fourteen people to fourteen families, purchased our own locale and appointed an elder board. With the church at this level of maturity, we felt compelled to go to a new place to fulfil the Lord’s calling in our lives which is to plant gospel-teaching churches in Spain where the need is greatest. Thus after prayer, advice, and consideration we moved to Logroño in October of 2003

One of the elements that led us to Logroño was our realization of this area’s great need of the gospel (of the 42 provinces on the Spanish peninsula, Logroño ranks 36th with an evangelical presence). After arriving, I served as an interim Pastor for a small group of believers in a denominational church which had been without a Pastor for many years. After eighteen months with them, we rented a locale in another area of the city and started Jesus, Fountain of Life Bible Church on April 3, 2005. Because of dwindling numbers without leadership for so long in the denominational church, they closed their doors in November of 2007 and most of the people joined us. This increase in numbers caused our locale to be overcrowded, so we located a different facility and after two months of renovation, we now had a locale large enough to hold our meetings with room to grow. In March of 2008, we joined the Federation of Independent Churches which helps us confirm and maintain our non-denominational status. As we entered 2012, the room in our locale is again limited with over 50 people on Sundays. The congregation has recognized one elder and two deacons, and we are praying, teaching, and supervising leadership development in different areas. Our vision is that by June of 2015, the congregation will make a definite step towards a more autonomous walk so that we may see how to proceed in the expansion of the gospel in this area. Thus we continue with much blessing, of course not without struggles, but very thankful to the Lord. I understand that the harvest in other areas of the world may be much more abundant, however, I praise the Lord for His blessing in this secular, materialistic, 95% nominal Catholic, traditional country of Spain. To Him is all the glory.

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