Update: 100 Bikes for Cuba

September 29, 2018

Recently we introduced the “100 Bikes for Cuba.” For those who missed it, we invite you to read this article and consider what part the Lord might have for you in this ministry. We want to minister while the doors are still open.

In somewhat recent events, Cuba has opened up to allow tourists and visitors to have access to their country. This has increased the ability for the gospel to come inside her borders, and has opened up more doors for some of our TBM missionaries to encourage the local pastors and churches.

Recently it was brought to our attention that many local Cuban pastors do not have adequate transportation to do their ministry. They cannot afford vehicles in the same way that Americans can, and thus many have to walk to carry out their ministries. The idea was introduced to TBM to create a fund to buy 100 bicycles for pastors so that they will be able to more efficiently do the Lord’s calling in their lives. This would make it quicker and easier to go from one village to another, and to homes that are at a distance.

Tentmakers now has the“100 Bikes for Cuba” fund. Bicycles and tube repair kits will be purchased from the funds that are collected, and then distributed to pastors who do not have appropriate transportation. This will be a welcome gift for them. How can you help?

There are several ways that you can participate. You may give toward the fund personally. A Sunday School, a youth group, or an AWANA program might raise funds for this project. Your church could set aside monies through giving and special funds for the bikes. There could be specific projects a church or a family could come together for to raise funds to provide bikes for these pastors as well. Christmas would be a great avenue for giving to this fund.

You can also give online. Click here to go to the giving page for our 100 Bikes for Cuba Project