Springing Into Spring

March 7, 2016 | John David and Sara Bennett

Are you enjoying this swing into Spring? Spain is a very seasonal country as far as when business gets done. Over these last ten years I (JD) have been living through the seasons here, learning when to mark my calendar for “fiesta” days and off-seasons. Well, you know the good news? This is the season when everything is happening! It is one of the busiest times of year! And we are involved….

I have listed many of the activities that are we are participating in. Please click on the link below entitled: Springing Forward – March 2016 Bennett Newsletter .pdf. There are all kinds of “happenings” with some photos added.

We wish you were here to join with us. But your support and encouragement is a blessing to us, even from afar. Thank you for your support, both prayer and financial. We couldn’t be here without you being a part of our team.

God bless you all,

JD for the family


Springing Into Spring