About Tentmakers Bible Mission

Tentmakers Bible Mission is a faith mission. Our purpose is to facilitate the planting and nurturing of independent Bible-centered churches throughout the world. TBM is dedicated to individuals and families called to the ministry of church planting and development.

Spreading the Gospel

Full, free and perfect salvation by grace, apart from any human merit or effort, to all who receive Christ

Church Planting

We are called to plant and develop independent, Bible-focused, Bible-teaching churches throughout the world.

Bible Teaching

We are called to stand firm on the truths of Scripture and sharing these truths at every opportunity.

Read our Doctrinal Statement

While it may not be light reading we encourage you to take a look at our doctrinal statement. What we believe is important and impacts our overall vision and strategy. We take our biblical foundation for mission seriously.

Read Our Doctrinal Statement

Core Values of Tentmakers Bible Mission

Church Planting

The central command of the Great Commission is to make disciples. The local church is God's design for a disciple-making community.


Tentmakers encourages our missionaries to support their ministry when necessary. However, it is not a requirement that you have a tentmaking job to be a TBM missionary. We assist you in pursuing whatever avenue is best to fulfill your ministry.


Tentmakers' role is to help you fulfill the ministry that God has called you to. We works in conjunction with missionaries to place them in the field where God has called them to<

Faith and Finances

100% of support raised goes straight to our missionaries with no administrative fees for the mission organization. TBM stands with our missionaries in the need for faith in support raising.

National Missionaries

Around 25% of our missionaries are foreign nationals. We consider our foreign missionaries equal partners with our American missionaries.

Sending Church

An important role of a mission organization is helping missionaries stay connected with their sending church. TBM helps your sending church remain involved with your ministry.

History of Tentmakers Bible Mission

More than 30 Years of God's Faithfulness

It was the summer of 1985 when a Michigan pastor, his wife and young children, knew things were about to change dramatically. They were moving from Southeast Michigan, moving from the church they had faithfully served for more than 12 years. This move would take them to Southern Utah where Tim and Joy Miles would become Tentmakers Bible Missions’ first missionaries.

While their former church was searching for a new pastor Tim and Joy would be searching for adequate family housing in St. George, Utah, for a meeting place to begin a new church plant, and for folks who might want to be part of what is now the thriving ministry of Southland Bible Church.

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