Who I Am:

My name is Connor. The first thing you should know about me is that I am a servant. I genuinely enjoy working behind the scenes and taking care of the small details for others. While I enjoy teaching as well, especially teaching how to defend the faith, my gift of service will always be the foundation of my ministry. The other key part of my mission, wherever I am, is my passion for the truth. I believe that we should understand it, and not just what it is, but why we believe it, where in Scripture it is found, and how we can live in accordance with it.

Currently, I am doing an apprenticeship in Utah, working alongside two other STEP Missionaries, Mitch and Jordan, under Jaramie Fellows, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Tremonton, Utah. We are each assigned to work with one of three different churches in Utah. We will be doing so for several months before we rotate to the next church we’re working with. The three of us are based out of Brigham City, working part-time in order to plug into the community and to support ourselves. We also meet as a team each week and are pursuing counseling certification.

The purpose of the apprenticeship is to prepare us for church planting. Through this, we will be able to see if we should be church planters and if we should do so as a team. I personally have a burden for those people in Utah who don’t know Christ as Savior.

Who I Was:

I was born and raised in a culturally Christian home. Unfortunately, for most of my life, I rejected the gospel. But if asked, I would call myself a Christian. I was considered to be “a good kid” and therefore a Christian, so no one shared the gospel with me personally during that time. This continued until I was seventeen, when one night I was confronted with the fact that I needed to be saved. It was then that I trusted in Christ’s sacrifice that paid the debt I could not pay.

I grew quickly after I was saved, with my mentors and teachers recommending that I go to Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, WY, to get grounded in the Word. Just before the first school year was over, I was asked if I would work as a counselor at Camp Rock in Redington, Nebraska. As it turned out, I served there for the next five summers!

It was after that first summer at Camp Rock that we had the idea of forming a ministry team. Church planting was our intention with Utah in our sights. We have been working toward this possibility ever since that first conversation. Our family at Tentmakers has been a huge encouragement to our team throughout this time.

The two years after I graduated from Frontier were quite full. I worked for a year in Utah as an intern at Cornerstone Church. During this time, my burden for the people of Utah grew. I also learned some hard and needed lessons about areas I needed to grow in. In fact, we all learned that we weren’t as ready as we thought, and that we should take it more slowly. So, in part due to that, and in part due to Covid, Mitch and I spent the following year working at Camp Rock again before coming here to Utah for this apprenticeship. While those two years were time well spent, it is good to be back in Utah, for there are many opportunities for sharing truth right at our doorstep.

Commissioning Service

Speaking at Commissioning Service

Fellow TBM Missionary Mitch Stinson

On Staff at Camp Rock

Camp Skit

Spanish Fork, Utah