Not Your Ordinary Home Office!

September 29, 2018

An article by Terry Cline.

You might not realize all that happens behind the scenes at our home office. It is far more interesting than just processing checks!

Hospitality is important to the home office.

Our facility has two bedrooms and two baths for many missionaries and other guests to use, having a comfortable, relaxing place to stay. We make it a point to be available to host missionaries for FSB Missions Conferences. We also take time to spend with visiting missionaries for local sightseeing and to help them with their needs while they are in La Grange.

Around the Office.

Never ending maintenance is something that Ben and Terry keep on top of with our facilities. This year we installed new flooring in one bathroom and the kitchen. A friend from Colorado installed can lighting in the living area, built a folding table in the laundry room, and installed a new hot water heater. We also textured and painted the walls in the kitchen and laundry room, and then hung two sliding doors in the same areas. This is just a sample of what we have done this year. Year End mailing projects are large, time consuming projects that are an important part of what we do. We have several ministries and programs, which originate in the home office. 1) We host interns and potential missionaries through STEP (Short-Term Entry Program) and STaMP (Short-Term Missions Program). 2) We conduct candidate schools in conjunction with our semiannual board meetings. 3) At least once a year we try to organize Utah and Nevada mission trips to encourage FSB students to get involved in church planting. 4) We also host Envision Workshops for interested FSB students (go to

Communication of information is crucial!

1) We send our Connect Prayer Calendar to the supporters of our missionaries so that they can pray effectively. 2) The Tentmakers News goes out three times a year to keep our supporters informed. 3) We are rebuilding a new website that we will be launching soon. There you can see what our missionaries are doing around the world. It also has information on how to donate through Tentmakers. (see 4) There is also our Monday morning email that goes out to select people for the purpose of encouragement, announcements, and as a tool for prayer. We work closely with Frontier School of the Bible. We work closely with students, some of whom become church planting missionaries for Tentmakers. 1) We conduct Prayer Chapel occasionally with the students, staff, and faculty to pray for selected Tentmakers missionaries. 2) Tentmakers also leads what we call Round Table meetings. We gather students who are interested in missions and discuss pertinent topics with them. 3) We teach FSB classes on how to minister in world religions. 4) The home office represents Tentmakers at FSB missions conferences.

There always has to be a miscellaneous column!

1) Ben is occasionally able to help some of our missionaries with government paperwork. It is tedious work, but necessary. 2) A fun activity for Tentmakers is the Tour de La Grange. In July, a nearby church in Nebraska puts this bike ride on, with Tentmakers being the beneficiary of the funds being raised by the bike ride. ANAM Conferences are an annual event. ANAM is an organization that “exists to assist member organizations.” They provide many benefits and accountability to help organizations such as Tentmakers. The Tentmakers home office staff travels to various cities with members from other ministry organizations to take care of ANAM business, for teaching and for fellowship.

As you can see, office work for us at Tentmakers is not merely sitting in front of a computer or answering the phone. We have a vibrant, fulfilling, interesting and fruitful ministry here at the Tentmakers home office. Thank you for supporting our missionaries in the gospel with your financial and prayer support.

At Tentmakers, we operate by the donations to our general fund. We do not charge an administrative fee to our missionaries. We have been blessed to see how God has provided through faithful supporters. Would you prayerfully considering partnering with our organization as we serve church planting missionaries around the world? Click here to contribute to our general fund.