September 23, 2017 | Matt and Emmerie Moore

We hope this comes as an encouragement and obvious testament to God’s power and love! He has answered our prayers for East Valley Bible Church to move into a building. Now we wait…
Now What?
First things first, paperwork. We have lots of paperwork through the city of Henderson. The process from application acceptance to approval is about 2 months. If everything from here on out goes smoothly we will be able to be in the building by December. We are also going through paperwork from the realtor. We are reviewing and negotiating the lease before we sign and completely commit. There will be a lot of back and forth to ensure everything moving forward is what we want.
Please Pray…
The lease has some things we would like to see changed. We would like to adjust things like the length of the lease and the ability to do some remodeling and painting. Some changes are bigger than others, but we would like God’s grace in asking for favors of the owner.
East Valley as a whole is excited about the move. There are people who are excited for us to move closer to them. But with the excitement there is responsibility. Please pray for our group to view this building as a tool to reach the lost and searching. We want our people to take ownership of the tool God is entrusting to us.
Thank you!
As always, we are so grateful for you support and prayer. We will continue to send out updates as we near the move in.

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