Grateful To Serve

November 28, 2019 | Kenton and Sonya Becker

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                                                                                                       November 28, 2019

We are thinking of you, our friends and our family, as you gather together to give thanks to God for His goodness and care.  We wish so much that we could be there to join you, to listen to you, to laugh with you and to pray with you.  You are precious to our Lord and to us and we want to recognize with thankful hearts the sacrifice of time and finances that you make so that people in France can understand the love of Jesus for them.  We thank God for you!

We are grateful for the privilege of being able to minister in France. It is really incredible to think that we have been here for over 26 years, and in Bordeaux for over 15. We are very grateful to God for those who have found life in Jesus Christ through this ministry.

We are thankful for those who continue to pursue the call of being disciples of Jesus Christ; those who are willing to make changes in their lives so that their lives can bear more fruit, and that they can have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We are closely working with about a dozen families.

We are thankful for the opportunities to share the word. We have 4 weekly Bible studies plus many one-time opportunities that come up.  (Add to that clubs, church, administration and home/yard maintenance and our weeks are very full!) The great news is that 30+ kids come on Friday evenings! (Both clubs included) T. is doing a fine job in presenting challenging Bible studies for the youth. Please continue to pray for him. He shared that he has far more spiritual conflict and challenges this year since he has “signed on” to be a servant of God. Please commit T. to the Lord. Please pray for the children and teens who come on Fridays. It is a full house that demands some extra organization!

Also, please pray for our Christmas program. The Friday club and Keys club are presenting “In pursuit of the true light”, a Christmas musical written and composed by Sonya and S.  Please pray for the children and their families as we count on everyone to participate. The kids need to learn their lines, and of course they learn them better when the parents help! Sick kids and unexpected interruptions are all part of the things to overcome. We really commit these things to the Lord. The next major step is printing and distributing invitations.

As we are currently doing a Bible study on the life of Abraham, we are familiar with the high and low points of his story, however, those dozen stories are spread out over a time frame of over a hundred years! What struck me was that there was a lot of daily life that went on. There was not always a story that was happening. Sometimes the daily stories were not worth telling; like Lot’s growing desire to turn toward Sodom, which apparently caused conflict with Abraham’s shepherds. After the last study, I got to thinking about the parallels between Abraham’s story and our situation. A lot of work is prepared on a daily basis by being faithful in the small details. Please pray for us to be faithful in the details of life as we wait for God to bring the big events into place. 

Thank you for standing with us in this ministry. We are thankful for the Lord’s provision financially through you. We are thankful for good health which allows us to go on. We are thankful for our children, our parents, our supporters and supporting churches. May God richly bless you during this Thanksgiving season and on into the Christmas celebrations. May the Lord fill your heart with praise and Thanksgiving for His many blessings that He bestowed upon us.

Blessed Thanksgiving,
Kenton and Sonya Becker

Grateful To Serve