50 Kids + Much Noise = Successful Camp!

June 30, 2019 | Victor and Maddy Ramirez

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow!  Camp is over for us… yet there are two more weeks of it to go for those who are leading it.  We take our cowboy hats off to the Leatherwood Family who organize this each summer.  It was a privilege to serve there this past week.  It was exciting in every way.

We have detailed some of the activities in word and photo in our newsletter below.  Please click the link below titled The Ramirez June 2019 Prayer Letter to read all about it.  As well as see the next adventure and see how our family is getting “older.”

It is a blessing to be here ministering and it is a blessing that you are a part of our team to enable us to do that.  You receive blessings for it as well as we do.  Thank you!

All for Jesus,

Victor and Maddy


The Campers On Hike

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