A Certain God In Uncertain Times

April 28, 2021 | Jeffrey and Angela Anderson

  Dear Family and Friends,

Restrictions continue here in Peru.  But we thank the Lord for His provision, stability, and guidance in our lives and in His work.  Please pray for the believers here in Peru.  Thirteen months of economy killing restrictions has caused the Peruvian Sol (currency) to lose value at a pretty steady rate.  This of course means that what was sufficient a year ago doesn’t quite cut it now.  We also recently had presidential and congressional elections.  There wasn’t a clear winner and so the top two finishers go head-to-head in a second election which takes place in May, I believe.  The choice is between an unknown communist and a known daughter of one of the more corrupt and crooked presidents that Peru has had.  A real lose-lose situation.  That being said there was some good news in the election.  The party of the Peruvian antichrist lost all of its congressional seats after being the majority party for a year.  But our hope is not in governments.  Our hope is in the God of our salvation, our rock and shield, Jesus the Christ.

On another note, we have decided to pursue US citizenship for Angela as we see the times changing.  This does not mean that we are planning on living in the US.  We have retained an immigration lawyer and we will file paperwork that will allow us to spend most of this time in Peru.  This in no way changes our calling away from Peru.  But it will allow Angela, among other things, to travel to the US as a citizen to visit you, our supporters.  Please pray for us that all the paperwork will be in order and that there are no hiccups along the way.

Please pray for Alvaro and Amparo.  They are a married couple with 2 boys and have come to us for help and counsel in regards to their marriage.  They are believers and we see hope in a complete restoration.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  Know that God is using you here in Peru.

Finish Strong,
Jeff and Angela Anderson

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