A Good Testimony Brings Good Opportunities

December 7, 2018 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

This morning we were in the schools of the town of Concordia, Italy, to distribute Christian literature and calendars. We met some teachers and janitors and they were very kind and friendly. We had open doors to visit because previously, a dear Christian friend (his name was Antonio) worked there as a janitor. This brother has recently died but he left a good testimonio. So, today, we were with his dear wife and family and were able to share the Gospel in the school. We prayed for a secretary of the school who lost her husband recently, and she was touched. Another teacher, who has a Christian relative in south Italy where Antonio’s family now lives, was really open and friendly. Pray also for Gennaro, the current janitor in this school and friend of Antonio. He desires to come to the small church of Mirandola but his family gives strong opposition to his attendance.

Thank you for praying about these items.
Mirco & Paola

Mirco with Antonio's Wife and Family