A Message of Thanksgiving

November 24, 2018 | Ron and Wanda Thompson

In this season of Thanksgiving, we would remind you of how very thankful we are for you, who pray for us, encourage us, and financially sacrifice on our behalf so that we may serve with TBM in Leadership, and as Missionaries on the field here in Utah. We thank God for you!
Since we last wrote in September, we have traveled over 8,000 miles and have visited and ministered in Illinois, Wyoming, Nevada, and Oregon. We also hosted over 20 guests here at Elim House for a total of 48 overnights. We are grateful for the privilege of using our home to serve others as well as the Lord.
We would ask you to pray for us as we continue to travel monthly to the TBM Home Office. It allows us to reach out and be involved in recruiting students for missionary service from Frontier School of the Bible which is located just across the street from TBM. In addition, we are able meet together as a Home Office staff, as we continue our two year leadership transition.
We would ask you to be especially in prayer for Wanda, as she was hospitalized earlier this week with pneumonia. After two days, she was allowed to come home yesterday, where, though she could not eat anything, very much enjoyed being with our youngest daughter Lora, and her daughter Xaida, as well as me, as we ate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
Because of the lung issues, Wanda’s recovery is expected to take a little longer than normal. Please pray for her appetite to return, as well as her stamina.
Thank you again for being our constant partners in ministry. Only eternity will prove the full measure of how God has used all of us together as givers, prayers, and goers, for His glory.

Please see our special message below.

Fellow servants,
Ron & Wanda Thompson

A Thanksgiving request for the T.B.M. Home Office:

We are so thankful for our dedicated Home Office staff and volunteers. They work diligently to be sure that every facet of TBM’s finances is handled correctly. The fact that every member of our staff raises their own support is just one of several reasons why TBM does not, and will not charge any service support to our missionaries. Still, as we near the end of the year, we would ask that you would join us in praying for God’s provision of some needed regular monthly support for the General Fund. As God has faithfully provided for us over the 33 years since our inception in 1985, we remain confident in His provision for the years ahead. Thanks for praying!


A Message of Thanksgiving