A New Journey For Us

October 20, 2020 | Steve and Deb Roderick

Hello Dear Friends,

Here is our first newsletter as TBM Missionaries. We are so excited to be a part of this Mission Family! We were accepted into the Mission last month and have been busy getting integrated into the Mission and preparing for our move to the mission field. BUT, plans have already changed. It seems like that is the “normal” for this year. We were planning a “scouting trip” for this month BUT, due to Covid-19 restrictions, what we were going to be doing in Uganda would have been so curtailed that it didn’t seem feasible or cost effective to make the trip. SO, we are planning on waiting until February and then just make the move, Lord willing. We will send more information in future Roderick Reports.

When we were missionaries with Frontier School of the Bible before coming to TBM, we would send out newsletters to our faithful prayer and financial team over the years. When the Lord led us to the decision to move to full-time ministry in Uganda, we sent out a couple of newsletters to inform the team of this new calling and the progress of that change. Now that we have added new readers and prayer partners to our team, we thought you might like to read about that transition. We have added two previous “Roderick Reports” to our missionary page to give you some insight into our walk during that time. Please click on the button “Go To Missionary Page” and you can find them there.

Thank you for taking an interest in us and being a part of our prayer team for the new journey.

Much love,
Steve and Deb


A New Journey For Us

A New Journey For Us