A Productive Furlough

March 5, 2022 | Frank and Salud Benoit

Dear Friends,

       We hope that you are doing well and safe from so many things that are happening all over right now (“monster snow and ice storms”, unseasonable heat, earthquakes, and the Russian war on the Ukraine). We may feel insecure, but God is still our refuge.

       In the link below, please find our March 2022 Prayer Letter as a PDF with some of our news and some of our plans before we head back to Spain in about 8 weeks. There is also a special opportunity to give to the Seville Theological Seminary Library which you’ll read about, and we hope that many of you will be able to help there.

       God bless you & keep you safe as we see winter give way to spring, and as we watch with concern the situation in Eastern Europe. 

In Jesus’ love and service,
Frank and Salud


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