A Stronghold In Times Of Trouble

June 6, 2022 | John and Anna Bazemore

Dear Friends and Family,

God is good! He is good all the time! It’s easy to see God’s goodness when life is going well and we feel happy and satisfied in our life. But sometimes life is hard. Pain and sadness come. Difficult situations arise. Loneliness and despair creep in. It’s in these times we must hold fast to this simple truth: God is good all the time.

God is good because God Himself says He is good. The Bible doesn’t just say that God does good things. It says that He is good. It’s not just what He does; it’s who He is. His very nature is good. And His goodness is not dependent upon whether we are good to Him or others. So when hard times come; when sorrow comes we can trust in the goodness of God.

Why do I say all this? On April 8th my father passed away unexpectedly. Though we all know that one day each of us will face the loss of a loved one, it still hits us like a blow when it happens. For Christians, our faith sustains and comforts us during these times. We hold on tight to God as our stronghold and comforter. I am so thankful for that. But if we look a little more closely, we also see God’s goodness in our time of sorrow and grief. Such was the case for me. I’ve shared a little of God’s goodness to me and my family in our June Newsletter found on the link below. I hope it encourages your heart in your times of sadness or difficulty.

Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement to us. We love and appreciate you so much.

In Christ,
John & Anna


My Dad