A Very Funny Thing Happened

October 9, 2020 | Kenton and Sonya Becker

Dear praying Friends,

 A very funny thing happened. As we looked forward to September, many were hoping that the restrictions would be taken away and we could begin to go back to normal again.  However, after two weeks in school, there was another outbreak of the virus and it looks like we will be dealing with the restrictions a long time.  As I was bemoaning the situation one morning during my prayer time, I recalled the apostle Paul saying, “my circumstances (of confinement) have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel.”

After confessing my sin, we began to do the things we could do and leave the things that we could not do. In several days, we found ourselves with more opportunities than ever! We want to be good stewards of what the Lord sends our way.

We have decided to begin a Bible study on Revelation. When things go bad, people tend to think about the end times and maybe that “this time” it is the end.  Dwight Pentecost’s book, Things to Come, is still very relevant! The issues that shake people’s faith here are very aptly dealt with in his book. After 5 weeks, we have finally finished Revelation chapter 1. It seems that every verse evokes all sorts of questions. We rarely finish before 2 hours and very often people stay until after midnight. This study is primarily with believers.
Thank you for praying for the clubs. In the next few weeks, we will make our first attempt at neighborhood clubs in different people’s homes.  This provides a good opportunity for people to think through how they can make friends and take them to heaven. Some people are realizing that they have not gone through the friend-making process thoroughly enough. This is a good opportunity to accompany people in practical discipleship. Please pray for them!

I have the opportunity to lead a discovery Bible study at the Christian bookstore which is a blessing. In addition to her 2 regular women’s Bible studies, Sonya is leading two new Bible studies with two ladies from our church who have decided to make friends with their neighbors and try to introduce them to Jesus. It is a joy to see these women become disciples with a missionary heart!
Last Sunday we had a memorial service for a dear lady who went home to be with the Lord in March. Because her daughter wanted to do a religious service to honor her mother, and since the number of people had to be limited because of COVID, we asked our church to meet at someone else’s home where a brother-in-the-Lord gave the message. 35 people came to pay their respects to her. We were able to share the gospel through Psalm 23: the good shepherd, Jesus Christ. This lady’s quiet, godly life made a big impact on everyone there. While they did not share her faith (no one in attendance was a believer), we were able to give a clear gospel presentation because of her faith. Please commit these people to the Lord.

As we move into the Thanksgiving season, we are very thankful for each one of you. Without your faithful prayer support, we would not have these opportunities. There are other avenues of ministry that we are still pursuing, and we trust God for the enablement and means to do these things as well. Thank you very much for your faithful financial support which enables us to continue on as we…, Make friends and take them to heaven.

May God richly bless you!
In Christ
Kent and Sonya

A Very Funny Thing Happened