Added Restrictions, Please Pray

April 2, 2020 | Jeffrey and Angela Anderson

Dear Family and Friends,

Some of you have asked if the regulations and lock-down are the same, worse, or better.  I have to say that they have gotten worse this week.  Yesterday, Wednesday, April 1st, the curfew was changed from 8pm-5am to 6pm-5am.  No one in the streets after 6pm.  Today the President added another restriction.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, only men can be in the streets.   Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, only women can be in the streets.  Sunday, no one can leave the house.  There are already rumors that this is going to be used to advance the transgender rights movement here in Peru.

In other news, today Angela and I delivered another load of free food to some of the needier families in Uchumayo.  Of course, we went from house to house, taking the opportunity to share the gospel and hand out free reading material (gospel tracts).  We had been planning on going back next Thursday, and still are planning this.  It looks like persons that are involved in the distribution of food can circulate regardless of the gender restrictions with a special pass.  We covet your prayers in regard to this pass for next week.  We probably won’t know until Wednesday if we can get the pass or not.  We also need to check in with the some of the police officers and soldiers to see if it is true that we can both go on Thursday even though I am a man and Thursdays are ladies only.  Please pray.  These restrictions are becoming a heavier burden than necessary and already there are people that have no food and insufficient water because of the lock-down and restrictions.

Finish Strong,
Jeff and Angela Anderson

Jeff and Angela