An Ortega Health Update

August 29, 2022 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Dear friends and prayer Warriors,

What follows is a brief report on my surgery:

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, my surgery was set and did take place this past August 25th. It went very well. I can breathe much more freely now. The post-op pain and discomfort are normal, and I came home on Saturday with them as “hospital souvenirs”. I need to go back for a heart monitor today because of some abnormality on my last EKG after the TAVR procedure. I’m also experiencing pain on my right groin, where a temporary heart pacemaker was installed during my procedure. This discomfort does not seem to mitigate in the least, and at times, it does become rather extreme, limiting my mobility even further. I hope I can get an evaluation on this symptom, as well.

I am very grateful to those of you who have prayed and expressed moral support during these physical trials of mine. Thank you – I appreciate this so very much.

I’ve been asked to remain in the San Antonio area for some additional post-op observations until September 10. After I am relieved of my heart monitor, we will travel back to McAllen on Sept. 10. I’m scheduled to preach on Sunday de 18, after 8 Sundays of sitting on the sidelines. I should be ready to serve the Lord by that time. I surely miss our beloved people, talking, listening, preaching, fellowshipping.

Please continue praying for me, that I may be completely healed. Pray also for Mary, who has been a real help during my trials. Please also pray for our church people, who have had to do without me these several days, and who experienced the death of a dear elderly lady in my absence, and in the absence of the other young pastor, Abi, who also experienced the death of one of his uncles in Mexico City.

Thank you so much!
Eternally grateful,
Franc Ortega
Romans 11:36

An Ortega Health Update