An Update From South Brazil

April 27, 2018 | Skip and Betty Harkins



Last time I wrote, Skip had had a bad bladder infection and the dr. was sort of worried and ordered a biopsy of the prostate. We had this done on March 2 and all came out well. Nothing in the prostrate. Thanks for your prayers. He is clear of infection and is feeling well these days.

He is on different medication now and is his old self. I am sure some of you remember him as being a perfectionist. Well, he still is and knows how to give orders and lives by the clock. Some days I would love to throw that clock away. Ha-ha! but he probably would go get it again, Ha! So glad he can walk with a cane and do some things on his own. He is much improved in his speech and can make himself understood. He has come a long way from the beginning when all he could say was “Jesus prayed for me” He says he feels more in his hand and also the arm. He does phonics two days a week and exercises six days a week.

Jess brought some massaging things that stimulate the muscles. He has one for his hand and one for his feet and another for anywhere on the body. He says they make him feel good and relaxes the muscles. We had the couch raised six inches or so, so he can get up by himself. Also, the bed is the right height, so he can get up without too much trouble. Most days he sits on the couch and watches all the goings on out there.

He eats a well-balanced breakfast and eats like a bird the rest of the day. But he does not drink enough water. Can’t seem to get him to drink water except at meal times but I have a glass from Tupperware that holds almost two glasses of water, so he drinks one of those at dinner and supper (we say supper where I come from) and with the vitamins he takes I think he can hold up.

The other day the lady (86) across the street did not come to the door when her daughter came by so the daughter left her package on the door knob and left. Her son did not answer the door either! Skip was worried something was wrong and he would not rest until I called her, and she said all was well. She has trouble walking because of weak knees. I visited her, and we got to talking about the Bible, so I gave her a clear message of salvation. By the way, she has the same birthday as me.

Things at church have been going good lately and we do have some new faces. The Women in Action group are having a meeting between four churches on April 28th. Looking forward to the fellowship. It will be here at our church. Lots of work involved but will be worth it. We have two new groups that will be joining us also as they have not been involved as yet. We are studying the book of Philippians and they are being blessed (our ladies group). I am using a question and answer type study, so they can dig in and study alone at home.

Also, thanks for praying for Samuel our lad who is in drug rehab. He smoked quite a bit, but he is having a study on how to meet the giants in his life. His mom went to visit him this weekend and he told them of the study and how it is helping him. He said he quit smoking and first two days were trying but the third day he quit and says he has no desire to smoke and does not know why he started in the first place. This clinic is run by Christians and they take the kids to church. So be in prayer that he will stay with the treatment to the end. (nine months for most)

We have our Anniversary service on the 5th of May. Will be our 35th year since starting the work here in Nazare. The Lord has been so faithful to us. We praise Him for His goodness. I have done some counseling lately. We have seen new faces and one couple are coming regularly. We had a special afternoon with children on April 14th. I am so thankful to be able to be helping all I can.

……….For health to be able to get around. family all doing well.
……….Skips hand has a little more feeling
……….for the privilege of helping get the gospel out to Nazare
……….for 35 yrs. of ministry here even through handicap
……….for faithful prayer warriors like you and faithful financial help
……….for souls being saved through us and our missionary friends here in Brazil
……….for us as a church-that we might remain steadfast in our labor for the Lord for we know that our labor is not in vain
……….for needed funds to come in for our construction of new building project
……….for Skip that he might continue to improve-we want a miracle
……….For the nation of Brazil: our safety, health system problems and unrest among the political parties, just a mess.

We appreciate all of you and are thankful for the cards of encouragement that come our way. May God bless each of you.

until next time

Betty for Skip