Another Leaving The Nest

August 18, 2021 | Delwin and Techy Fowler

Hello from Tarapoto,

We just got through with the big farewell party for Sarah.  It made me cry to see how much the youth have been so blessed by Sarah and to hear how she will be missed.  Later today, Wednesday, at 2:45 pm she will leave Tarapoto along with Techy.  They fly to Lima, Dallas, & Denver from there they head to LaGrange, WY so Sarah can go to Frontier School of the Bible.  Techy will be in LaGrange for about a week.

Marcos and Allyson are visiting here until September 2nd.  We have had a big wedding reception for them already and they are enjoying their time visiting many places and people.  It is such a great time seeing them and they have been such an encouragement to the church and our family as well.

Also, we have our new short term missionaries, Josh and Charity with their one year old Gracey, who plan to stay one year.  It has already been a joy having them and we have been able to do so much in such a short time.  He helped with a youth retreat and it was a great challenge to the ten youth in attendance.  They are trying to learn Spanish and, in the meantime, I get to translate the sermons.

With all this excitement the church seems to have experienced a bit of growth.  People have been encouraged to participate and we have even had more than twenty in prayer meeting and over forty in Sunday morning services.  Just a month back fifteen was the average for Sunday and only nine for prayer meeting.  It seems that some of the covid restrictions have worn off and we can now stay out till midnight.

Thanks so much for your prayers and faithful monthly support.  We can minister here because you are involved with us.

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

Techy and Sarah