Back In The USA

August 5, 2020 | Brad and Ellie Harris

We made it!

We wanted to let you know that we made it safely back to the states-PRAISE THE LORD!!! All of our luggage seems to have made it as well, without any problem. After 4 airports and too many hours to count…everyone is exhausted and very ready to be done flying for now. But we are all also very grateful to God for seeing us through, and for you all for praying us through.

We will still need to travel from Denver, Colorado to Cambridge, NE (5 hours by car)…but we will wait a day before trying to travel straightaway again. We wanted to give an update while we can use the hotel internet. But will probably not send out another one so soon after this one, until we get situated with internet/phone/etc. on this side. We will be doing some sort of “self-quarantine” for a bit as a family, before being “out and about” with everyone else (just to be careful). So, please do NOT worry if you do not hear anymore from us for some time. But please DO feel free to pray, as much and as often as the Lord brings us to your mind!

Thank you SO very much for all of your prayers for our family, all along the way. We truly appreciate them.

Love in Christ,

Brad and Ellie Harris and family
(Rachel, Ben, Ruth, Beka, and Rose)

Good Bye To Kenya

We Are Back In The USA