Because You Care!

October 30, 2018 | Matt and Emmerie Moore

We are seeking God’s face. He is awesome and we want to see Him work through our lives. We are grateful for you who pray for us.¬† Here are a few prayer requests for the ministry at EVBC.

  1.  Praise God for the time spent with the Tentmakers Bible Mission staff and missionaries yesterday. We were encouraged to hear God working throughout the world!
  2. Pray again for Melissa, a friend of Emmerie. She is very interested in the gospel but she is very busy. We are asking God for times Emmerie can spend with her.
  3. Pray for our family to get rest. We have had a very busy October, Oakland isn’t sleeping very well, and we need refreshment and rest.
  4. Praise God for the team God has given to East Valley. The Balfour family found a home and have moved to Vegas.
  5. Pray for unity as the 3 leaders and families adjust to serving the East Valley family.

The EVBC Team!