Brief Update From Spain

October 8, 2021 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Friends and Family,

Our time in the States this summer was both productive and refreshing. We had the opportunity to connect with many and to spend time with family. One thing stood out; life is busy! Here is a short and to the point newsletter with that in mind.

●       This month we have started English classes in the church building in Tafalla. This marks our first time since life shut down in March 2020 with Covid. Pray that we will shine God’s Light in all of our interactions.

●       The study of Paul’s Letters in the Bible that we have been doing via Zoom with the church group, comes to an end next week. At that time, our plan moving forward is to use this time to discuss and break down the sermon from the Sunday before. A time of debrief and going deeper.

●       We have one more Sunday discussing the Parables of Jesús and then plan to go into our identity in Christ and what that means to us. Who does God say that I am? Pray that the people of the church will see themselves and others as God does, and through the lens of scripture live changed by that reality.

●       We met with several churches while in the States to present the possibility of a “reverse missions’ trip” where we will bring Spanish students to live for a week at a time in host homes. We have 4 possible locations and are praying that the details come together so that we can announce it here. Please join us in that.

●       While in Texas, Sharon’s daughter and son-in-law (Jordan and Girven) announced that their family is expanding! They are expecting a baby boy in early February. We are excited we get to move into the role of grandparents! Please pray for the logistics of an expanding family and for health and God’s provision in this new life!

Thank you all for your love and support and care for us!

Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

At a recent wedding