Camp Weeks Almost Filled Already

February 8, 2020 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Faithful Friends,

Thank you for the constructive feedback of last month’s prayer update.  There is so much we are wanting to share with you but technology is not working with us. Actually, we are feeling some opposition with technology. Specifically, with trying to put recorded sermons online. Please be in prayer for this! It’s a new idea for outreach and things that should be technologically easy, are not. Like getting the video from the phone to the computer!  If you are tech savvy and have some insights for me, please send me a WhatsApp message and let’s connect.

On the camp front, signups began at 10 am this past Monday and Week #1 filled in an hour and a half! Week #2 is now complete and there are about 15 spots left for the final week. The Lord is amazing with how He is bringing the campers. We have a team coming from San Diego Christian High School to work with us and we are seeking others to come fill in the gaps for the next weeks. Please pray for wisdom with planning the details of camp.

On Sunday’s, we are continuing in 1 Peter. Moving from our identity in Christ, to how that is lived out and now our identity as a church. Please continue to pray as we show who and what God says we are and how He is a part of every aspect of life.

Thank you,
Dan and Sharon for the Leatherwood Family

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