Camp Weeks are Overflowing!

February 7, 2019 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers regarding the signups for the summer Camping season. God answered in a BIG way:

We were planning a busy day for February 1 with the camp page being officially open for sign ups, but the Lord had other plans this year! The page opened early and we rolled along with it! The second and third weeks were full by the time the 1st arrived! Camp 1 closed two days later. The Lord has brought us 131 kids with a waiting list of 13. Please be in prayer for these kids that they will see the Gospel lived out in the teams that are coming to serve with us. The first camp has more girl camper than boys and, as only the Lord can do it, so does the Team coming for that week! We do not have teams for the other two weeks yet, but we firmly believe that since God has brought the campers, He has the teams as well. We have several potentials prayerfully considering it. Another way we have seen God’s hand at work is to provide a sports camera! It is something we have wanted for camp but the GoPro is too expensive. This camera was a gift from points from the power company here earned from the power we use! Go God! Twice God put the same thing in the heart of Sharon and I with planning and when we spoke on it and saw that The Lord had given us the exact same thought, we felt it was confirmation to make a change from the original lesson plans we had made regarding camp!

Another exciting detail that The Lord is handling, is the Reverse Missions Trip where we send Spanish teens to the States to live in a believing host home and live out life with them for a month for an English immersion experience.  The two times we have been able to send a group in the past has had a huge impact.

While both of these events don’t actually occur until the summer, many details must happen before then. Please be in prayer for the host families, the teens, the campers and the Teams that will be involved.

It is an amazing privilege to be able to serve the Lord here.  Thank you for participating with us through prayer and various forms of support and encouragement.

With our love in Christ,
Dan and Sharon Leatherwood for the family


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