Changes are Happening!

September 28, 2022 | Amber Finney

Buenas tardes everyone!

Many things are changing here in Tarapoto, and it’s time for an update!

Delwin and Techy are no longer living in the church; they’ve moved out! Now, we can begin interior renovations to make the church so that we can hold services inside. We’ve begun some exterior renovations on the yard, also. I and a couple of young people created some volley ball poles with tires, cement, and metal tubing. Keep us in your prayers as we make several changes to the church, even in how it is managed. Delwin and Techy managed a lot of the general things when they were living there. Now, we’ll need people to take over certain jobs. Please pray that the transition would go smoothly.
In other news, I will be making a short trip up to the USA to be in the wedding for my twin sister, Violet. Pray for my travels, that they would go smoothly, and that I would be able to return to Tarapoto with no problems. I really appreciate all of your prayers!

We’ve now begun holding our Kid’s Club and Youth groups inside the church. This is very good, as it is getting really hot outside, the temperature always gets up in the high 90s and the humidity makes the real feel over 100 every day. We plan to give some of the children Bibles very soon, the ones who old enough, and can read. Pray for the little children here. I basically have charge of all Kid’s Club activities now, and my heart’s desire is that these little ones would be able to have the Word of God accessible for them to get started reading it at an early age. These little ones are amazing memorizers; most of them don’t have Bibles in the home, but the little memorization practice that we do at Kid’s Club actually does stick in their heads. I’m always amazed. Right now, they’re memorizing all of Psalm 1. We started Psalm 1 about five weeks ago (adding 1 verse every week) and this next week they have to recite all of the Psalm to get a prize.

Our Youth Group is really doing well also, despite everyone restarting school and busy work schedules. I’m really proud of 3 guys in the youth that really step up and help out; Sergio, Josué, and Hugo. They’re part of the worship team, and they’ve taken roles in directing some of the services. Sergio has been teaching the younger adolescent group every Saturday. Please pray for these young men to continue being faithful.

God bless you and your family, and let us all encourage one another to serve the Lord faithfully.


Youth Group Members