Christmas Program Is Coming

November 27, 2018 | Kenton and Sonya Becker

Thank you for praying!

Dear praying friends,

Can you believe, I had a whole email update basically ready to send out, and then,…, well,… I didn’t send it out. I thought about sending along with this one, but it will make for too much information! You are so kind and faithful in keeping our ministry before our Father, and we don’t want to abuse your kindness!

Thanksgiving was a bit lonely this time with no family. Thursday, not being a holiday here, was very busy and the weekend as well. However, we are thankful that our girls were together with their cousins in Boston. They are all doing very well in their various studies, jobs and responsibilities and we praise God for how He has provided for them. Stefan and Naomi are doing well as their hearts are turning toward serving the Lord in Niger next year. Please pray that the remaining 85% of their support will come in soon so they can apply for their visas.

Secondly, we are grateful for our friends, Stephan and Jodie Venturino who spent 3 weeks at our place fixing stuff that was causing problems, like leaks, and things that were broke. We are so thankful, we just go around the house and review the things they did. We are thankful for their church who gave a gift for the purchase of most of the materials needed.

Two weeks ago, Sonya went to the courthouse to apply for her 10-year card. The Lord provided a very nice lady who was so impressed with Sonya’s dossier that she recommended Sonya for a permanent card! This means that although she still has to reapply every 10 years, she won’t have to pay the expensive application fees. We did not know this existed but we are thankful for the Lord’s confirmation of our ministry in this way. Please praise the Lord with us.

November was a bit more trying than usual. Thank you so much for your prayers for us as we minister to hurting hearts. In reading the gospel of Mark, we often read that our Lord was “greatly moved” in response to hurting souls. The consequences of a long series of bad decisions leads to very complicated situations for which we do not always have a response. Much of our counsel consists of leading people back to God’s Word and committing the matter to Him and waiting on the Lord to work things out.  The Lord is faithful and gives the grace needed for each immediate situation.

We are thankful that several of the Bible studies that we are doing are with people who share what they know with others; truly a dynamic of disciples, making disciples. There has even been a request for me to send out my notes to those who cannot come to the Bible studies.

Our big prayer request is now for our Christmas program which will be Sunday December 2. The children are all doing very well at learning their parts and the songs. The message of the gospel will be very clearly presented. Several families of those who come to the clubs have indicated that they are bringing their unsaved friends. We also put flyers in mailboxes in our town. Typically, people do not respond to those invitations, however, they go onto our church website and get information there. This year, even the number of looks on our website is way down in spite of the flyers. Please join us in committing this time to the Lord. We praise the Lord for our local authorities who are supportive of what we do.

Thank you so much for your faithful financial support. There has not been time to write a personal note of thanks, but I would like to quickly say that without your prayer and financial support, this ministry would not be possible. Thank you for your participation with us.

With a thankful heart,
Kent – for Sonya too.

Kent & Sonya

Music Recital

Stefan & Naomi Wedding Day