Covered With Your Prayers

February 4, 2020 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

-Dear brothers and supporters,

Here we are with our latest news. We really appreciate that someone is “covering our shoulders in prayer”, as we know the times are very evil, but our mouth must not be closed and our nets must be lowered. God help each one of us, so that our work may be guided by the Spirit of Christ.
In short, here is the recent news:

1) Evangelical station of Mirandola:

The group is quite cohesive, actually. I am doing a study on the book of Numbers –

We thank the Lord in particular for our sister Grazia, who welcomes us in the winter season in her comfortable villa for Bible study meetings. A couple who used to attend our meetings, recently visited us at home and came to the Potluck in church. They need more perseverance and maturity as a couple and a genuine conversion. Their names: Daniele and Rossella.

2) Castelnovo Bariano group:

The group, due to several seasonal diseases, has had some difficulty in maintaining a constant attendance. Anyway, we thank God because a dear brother of our Borgofranco Church will support us in the evangelism and discipleship because he will be coming to live not far from my home. The Lord convinced him to collaborate with me. His name is Gino and he really loves Jesus.

The priest of the village, who’s name is Graziano, is in a good relationship with us, even though he knows our thoughts of salvation through Christ alone. He invited Paola and me to visit him soon, and we will. Pray for constancy and thirst for God and His Word.

3) Church of Borgofranco sul Po:

We recently have two twin sisters, Alice and Anna attending. They are the daughters of a sister (Simona) who, was saved through our testimony many years ago. Simona later married and moved to the city of Mantua. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work well, but just recently, together with her daughters, they decided to start attending our church again. We have had a few returns of people who once frequented us some time ago. We have a new lady, Marinella, who was recently widowed, attending. Paola and I had shared the Gospel with her some time ago.

4) Other short news:

*Recently an old friend of mine came to see me to receive a large written Bible. He was involved with drugs, but he stopped at the same time that he started reading the Bible. His name is Ivan and he is already a believer (a child in Jesus) but he needs to live his faith together with a biblical Christian community. He lives far from me and I urged him to attend the closest community and I hope he understands that this would do him good.

*Our special relationship with my past employers continues. Marzia is in a crisis in relationship as to her being in the Catholic Church and when we visit her, she welcomes us with great joy. In the last meeting with her some days ago, we shared some verses of the Gospel and prayed with her. Sunday, I invited her to our community. Pray for her and dear husband Andrea.

Well that’s all for now- God bless you and repay you for your constant support and encouragement –

A hug in Christ to each of you,
Mirco and Paola

Enjoying Winter

Visiting With Friends