Fastest July On Record!

August 8, 2016 | Kenton and Sonya Becker

Dear Praying Friends,

July was one of the fastest months we have ever lived! Both Hannah and Lydia came back to France this summer to participate in music festival which are in coordination with their studies in music. Our short time together with them was pure joy! We had an added pleasure of receiving two of Lydia’s friends from Eastman. They both know the Lord as well which made for a wonderful time of fellowship.

We praise God for what He did among us.

Hannah reports that her music internship is going very well. She is making friends. She has opportunities to share her life with those around her. In answer to prayer, she is gaining a vision for what her next steps in life should be, for which we praise the Lord.

Lydia and her friends, along with Joella, gave two concerts in our town. Both concerts were mainly assisted by our friends, some of whom we had lost contact in the last few years. Because the concerts took place in Catholic churches, it was perfectly normal that I mention God and that it was the desire of the artists to glorify God through their music. Our prayer was that the event would be a time where God would be glorified and that people would sense the presence of God. At both concerts, people stayed long after the concert was done to talk and reconnect. At the second concert, several ladies came forward in tears saying that they had never been to a concert where they were so emotionally moved! God answered our prayer.

Please continue to pray for our many friends; in many cases, as they were in a “discovery” mode concerning spiritual truth, they realized the cost (the abandoning of oneself), and decided temporarily not to continue on in coming to faith in Christ.

I am only able to write now about Sonya’s trip with 4 French teenage girls and Joella in the USA. They are currently in Grand Junction and will visit many areas between Ojai CA, Sedona AZ, before they come back to France at the end of the month. Thank you for committing this group to pray. Last year, one of the girls accepted Jesus as her Savior. We are praying for similar results this year. Already, for some unexplained reason, the car they are driving just stopped right on the road. Please pray that God would protect them, that the car would work without any problems, and that God would be glorified. Praise God with us for the many friends who are helping them along the way, and that God would bless them as well.

On Monday, I will help lead a basketball camp that will be all week. The preparations for the camp have gone like the “What good luck…, what bad luck…” story; a series of incredible provisions and unfortunate changes in plans, only to see God put things together again. It has been an opportunity to show how God works in our lives and blesses the plans we commit to him. Again, my prayer is that God be glorified. Thank you for praying for this effort.

We praise God for you.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for you as you stand with us in prayer and financially. We seek to be faithful to our mission in all we do. Things always seem to get more complicated. However, they are opportunities for God to show His goodness and faithfulness to us. He loves us so much and we look forward to seeing Him face to face.

In order that we might focus our priorities, our family motto remains:

Make friends; take them to heaven.

Thank you for committing this to our Lord that He might bless us. May God richly bless you.

In Christ,
Kent and Sonya

Fastest July On Record!

Fastest July On Record!

Fastest July On Record!