Franzini ‘s Family Prayer Letter

January 3, 2019 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

Dearest praying friends,

We are really sorry for the long wait, but as usual we have been very busy, excuse us!

Evangelistic Meeting with “The Cross” movie of Billy Graham:

We were able to project this movie in our Muslim Iranian family’s home in the month of November, and they very much appreciate it. Later that evening we projected it to our group in Mirandola, and an ex-student of Paola’s, Umberto, prayed the pray for salvation at the end of his own free will. He has been coming regularly to the Bible Study since last August.

We also had a barbecue the next Saturday evening in our church and showed the movie once more. About 7 to 8 non-Christians watched it, and they all told us that they enjoyed the evening. Especially our dear friends a couple called Erico and Khadija (she is a Muslim from Morocco), they are very open to the things of God.

Just before Christmas, Mirco, together with some other Christians were able to distribute Christian daily calendars in some schools in the town of Concordia (Modena). They were able to give them to the cleaning ladies and also the school staff who took them willingly. This was a miracle, because normally you are not allowed any kind of distribution within the school buildings.

Recently, whilst Mirco was walking through our Sermide open market our Pakistani friend (who has a stall that sells second hand clothing) stopped Mirco and asked him to stop to speak to a young Italian lady called Silvia. She shared with Mirco that she had been abused by her father as a little girl, and her heart was suffering from this fact, she had found the courage to denounce her father, who had now been condemned to prison for 10 years. Mirco was able to pray for her.

Paola and our music group were asked to go sing for the second time in a row at the nursing home in Borgofranco su Po. We were able to share the simple message of Christmas with the elderly, their relatives and some of the staff with a short evangelistic message.

Mirco’s wife’s boss, Marzia love Jesus, but she is also very sick with her heart. Both her son and his girlfriend have become good friends with us and often come to visit. There was a Christmas party that was celebrated by the company and we were both able to attend. There was about 60 persons. Mirco was able to distribute several calendars to his co-workers. One man called Virgil, from Naples is especially interested in the things of God and has read something of the Bible.
An aunt of a couple in our church (whose names are Alessandro and Rosanna) passed away a

week ago, and they asked Mirco to preach at her funeral service in the Catholic church. Alessandro’s mother and father really appreciated Mirco’s words sharing the Gospel message of salvation. Unfortunately, it was very cold and humid in the church and in the cemetery (we have a lot of fog here in the winter time); and now Mirco has had problems with his heart. He is resting now and feeling better.

We really appreciated your prayers and encouragement. Please pray that the Seed planted in many people’s hearts would bear eternal fruit.

God bless you all and give you a New 2019 filled with the richest blessing from our heavenly Father.

Yours, serving the Lord in Season and out of Season,

Mirco and Paola Franzini

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Praise in Teaching the Word