Getting Near To The Start Line

June 7, 2018 | Blue Asia Grace

Dear Family and Friends,

We are now less than two months away from the actual beginning of our missionary travels to where God has called us. We technically began many years ago when God first put it in our hearts. As the calling matured, we did more planning and studying, then joined the Mission. Then began our journey to raise support. All of this has now come to this point of purchasing tickets and packing our bags. We are sorry that we cannot share more details about where we are heading to due to restrictions that we need to follow. But, we know that God knows your heart and even if you don’t actually know us and know where we are going, when you pray for us, HE HEARS! He will apply those prayers to our account, just as He applies your support to “your account.” Philippians 4:17.

We have attached a newsletter to bring you up to date. The plan is not exactly what our first choice would be, but with God’s strength and leading, we can get through these days apart. Click on the link below titled Blue Asia Grace — June 2018.pdf to read all about it. And then we would ask you to pray. God can do anything He desires to do. We are comforted in that and rest in Him for His will to be done.

Thank you for your prayers and support in all ways,

J & S