God Works Inside and Outside His Local Church

May 26, 2016 | Delwin and Techy Fowler

Hello once again from sunny, hot Tarapoto; a little paradise in the jungle. There has been so much going on that the update soon became a “latedate”. As always God is doing great things here in Peru!

The kids are still growing and along with that are growing pains. Marcos was taken to the emergency room as he cut his hand while making a knife. Long story short, the knife finally got completed, he never went back to the hospital to get his three stitches out, he just pulled them out himself. The three older ones went on a seven hour hike and the guys got separated from the girls and the girls never made it down the other side of the mountain. Now Sarah wants to go again to say she made it to the other side. I’m so proud of them all for not giving up even when it gets tough.

We had a great Bible conference and some of the people are still talking about some of the Bible truths they learned. It’s always encouraging when the people seem to have learned the truth and are excited about it.

Sunday, when entering a restaurant, a lady greeted me and Techy. She kept talking for quite some time. After finishing our meal, she came back and thanked me for praying for her and her son as he had been sick with bone cancer. It’s interesting how much ministry can take place outside the church. BUT, that is where it really should take place, in our daily life.

Another couple we have prayed for and read the Bible with are doing better spiritually. Techy went to share in her class to the mothers and the lady shared her testimony, declaring how God and the Bible saved her life and helped her in the family. It’s so exciting to see how God works even when we don’t feel like we’ve done much.

This next week we have an opportunity to help in a nearby city with a work team. We’ll translate for them while the group will do evangelism, kids’ ministry, and have a medical team. Marcos is looking forward to translating for the medical people.

There is a group coming in July from Frontier School of the Bible to do some Bible conferences and do a missions emphasis in the church and different places in town.

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and regular giving to keep us here in Peru, serving our great, big, wonderful God.

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

God Works Inside and Outside His Local Church

God Works Inside and Outside His Local Church