God’s People Are Such A Blessing!

October 6, 2019 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We have attached below our October 2019 Newsletter. It is really a THANK YOU letter!  We were so blessed — well there are many more words that I could use but all come short — while we were in the U.S.  I have tried to express it in our newsletter.  Please know we were overwhelmed by your generosity and encouragement to us.

Please click on the link below titled The Franzini News For October 2019 to see just a few of the many who made our trip beyond words.  All these are in addition to our wonderful grandchildren and their parents.  God is Good!

A warm greeting in the love of the Lord,

Mirco and Paola Franzini


Chimney Rock, NE

Proud Grandpa

Happy Grandma

Kids & Grandkids