Hot Summer Full Of Hot Activities

July 26, 2018 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Dearest Ones,

We have come to the second half of the year and we are deep into our hot, humid and harsh summer, with temperatures reaching into 3 digits. I’m sure glad this is the only hell we have to endure. Thank You Jesus!

I have put together a list by month for the last quarter to describe some of the many activities we have been involved in. What a blessing to see God work here in South Texas and around the world. Please click on the link below titled The Orgetas July 2018 Newsletter.pdf to read about the past activities and wee what will be happening in the future, Lord willing. There is also a family update and photos.

Thank you again for your love, encouragement, and support. We would not be here without you being there for us.

Franc Ortega


Hot Summer Full Of Hot Activities

Hot Summer Full Of Hot Activities