Immutable God in a Changing World

September 24, 2020 | Paulo and Janis Alencar

Dear Family and Friends,

I know that you all are looking at the world in disbelief of all the changes taking place.  We too are in the same place!  Change is the “normal” right now.  BUT, our unchanging God is so faithful and gracious to all of us.  What a pleasure to know Him and rest in Him!

We have attached our Fall Newsletter below.  Click on the link to read about our encounter with the Corona virus and the wonderful time we were able to spend with some of the kids.  Who better to be quarantined with than two of our children who just happen to be nurses?  God is Good!!!

Also read about some good things happening in the children’s ministry.  We would appreciate your prayers in that as well.

In Christ’s love,

Paul & Janis


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