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April 9, 2020 | Delwin and Techy Fowler

Happy Easter!!

We are all doing well here in Tarapoto.  We have been instructed to stay at home unless we need food or medical assistance.  We have been out about three times for food and are spending more family time together and reading the Bible more.  So, there are benefits from this quarantine since the middle of March.  This week it was extended again until April 26 and after that we know not.

Amber our intern from FSB has already lost her flight to return to Kansas.  The news around is telling us it may not be till July or August before the borders may open.  That may be optimistic.  But we know God is in control!  During this time there have been no flights into or out of Tarapoto.

On Sunday Delwin will have the opportunity to preach live on Facebook at 10 am at la Comunidad Biblica – Tarapoto Facebook page.  It will be in Spanish and designed to encourage the church here but everyone is invited to join in.  My (Delwin) technological ability is so challenged that I may not be able to do much more than this but we are looking into some options for Bible Study as well.

The girls are busy doing their schoolwork and reading.  Techy keeps the great meals coming and finds great movies we can watch together as a family.  Amber is tired of having to stay at home but is safe.  All four of the women folks turn the living room into a gym daily for an exercise routine.  Actually, I am enjoying this, the rest and relaxation has been refreshing.  Marcos and Lucas were flown into Dallas after spring break and are living and working in Midlothian.  They are doing well and are being cared for incredibly.

Thank you for your love and care for us.  We have been so blessed by your faithful prayers and generous giving.  We love you all.

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

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