Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 7, 2023 | Victor and Maddy Ramirez

Dear Praying Friends,

If you have been following our church-planting saga, you know that we now have a building….that has had some work to do in it before it would be ready for services. Well, the work is progressing, not as fast as my fleshly timing would have, but we KNOW God has the perfect timing. Please see our Ramirez Report in the link below to see what has been happening. It even includes a video tour of the building and what we have achieved so far.

BUT, construction is not the only activity we have been about. We list a few other ministry activities we have been involved with and the blessings those have been. We also have listed a few prayer points that we would love you have us join with us in.

Thank you so very much for encouragement and support. It definitely helps on those long days.

All for Jesus,
Victor & Maddy & kids


Monster Truck Rally