Listening For The Trumpet Sound

September 17, 2020 | Skip and Betty Harkins

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe.  (Proverbs 11:10)

Hello folks,

This is the 5th time I am starting this update. Each time I have to be away it goes in limbo and I can’t find it even though it says it is saved in the drafts. Ugh!!!!

We are doing o.k. here and just keep on keeping on and doing the best we can in spite of altered ways of doing things. It has been a rough six months of staying home as much as we can. Of course, Skip is happy not to be able to be out anywhere. I am the one that does most of the visiting and doing the necessary projects to help keep our house going.

As you know we have so many restrictions around that it is kind of scary sometimes. Brazil has had many cases of this virus and is second in the world to deaths because of it. But the number of deaths is not so very much recently as they seem to figure out how to deal with it, but the number of cases continue to increase. So it is that we all take the necessary cautions to not get it if we can.

Our church had internet services only at night until July 5 when they returned to holding services in the church. Four of us who are in the high risk factor waited until August 1st to start back. We wear masks, use alcohol, and do distancing. Some of the regular activities of the church have been put on hold until later. I am saddened to have the ladies’ group on hold as I would so like to finish the study on Ruth this year. Can’t do online because some have no internet. We have managed to do the regional online activities for leaders with our regional director which has been a blessing.

The adolescent project has also been put on hold as in all activities you can only have a certain number present and not for very long. I am doing some of the music and teaching the kindergarten Sunday School class. Am on the leadership committee and help with the decisions. This month is our Mission month and we have been having our Wednesday night meetings on google meet. We have missionary families (once a week) that we pray for and help financially and we interview them to see how they are doing with the pandemic. Lots of them are stopped as they have had no church activities except online. Some have had to come out of the tribes.

Our church construction has been put on hold as there is a restriction on travel and some of the ones who can help can’t get here. But we hope that now that things are opening up, we can get back on the job so to speak. Our goal, Lord willing, is to be able to have the ceiling in the new building by Dec. so we can get the rough floor ready to use temporarily because of the distancing problem. There is more space available there.

FOR our health – that is fairly good. Skip had his yearly exam done and he is ok there. Only his right arm and side are the same but he is coming along well and continues to do therapy and fono every day. His speech continues to surprise us but he still has problem getting things said. But he does continue trying and memorizing scripture. His mind is alert and he remembers things I forgot long ago and remembers birthdays and people he knew when asked about someone.
For the spiritual growth seen in some of our members especially men.
For God’s care of our friends and relatives in La. during Hurricane Laura.

FOR the candidates for baptism that they might know for sure of the step they have taken for salvation – be sure they understand what it is all about as they take the class.
For Brazil and the political situation here. It is not a pretty picture right now and many people are out of work and lots of other situations (sound familiar?).

We are just waiting for that trumpet to sound anytime so it behooves us all to be ready, right? We need to be found working and doing our best for the Master. What a meeting in the air!

Thank you for your faithfulness and love.

Yours For Brazil,



Listening For The Trumpet Sound

Listening For The Trumpet Sound