Looking For Those “Not Far From God”

September 11, 2016 | Frank and Salud Benoit

Dear friends,

We hope that you have had a safe and peaceful summer, with at least a little time to take a break. We have several friends and acquaintances (both here and in the U.S.) who have struggled with cancer and other difficulties these past months. But God is faithful and we are in His watch-care and He knows all of our days, without any of them taking Him by surprise. We can rest in Him for what the future holds even when it gets difficult. Today is a real reminder of that on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, which forever changed our lives.

Please click on the link below titled September 2016 Benoit Prayer Letter.pdf to see our 3rd quarter prayer letter for this year. Thank you for reading about our ministry and for praying for us and the Puebla del Río church. We have been very busy with larger than normal activities. There are a few photos of some of the activities.

God bless and keep you in everything,

Frank and Salud


Looking For Those “Not Far From God”

Looking For Those “Not Far From God”