Looking to the Blessed Hope

September 24, 2023 | Skip and Betty Harkins

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.                                                                                                                         Psalm 90:14

Hi Everyone,

     Just a note to let you know how things are for us.

     We have had some ups and downs, but we are still trusting in our Lord for He knows just what we need.

     We have had company from the U.S. in August. Jess and his daughter Helen and family came for ten days. We enjoyed so much having our granddaughter and her husband and two great grands plus adopted great granddaughter with us. Lots of fellowship.

     Skip did do some walking for a while.  We could get him to walk to the bathroom and back, but he has succumbed again to riding the wheelchair.  He has not been eating well lately and we can’t figure why. His teeth are ground down and I guess it makes it hard to chew and so we started a liquid diet and waiting on a nurse from the hospital to come and evaluate as it could be he can’t swallow well. We shall see. 

It is getting harder to take him to church, so either I or Naomi stay with him and listen to internet with our favorite preachers. His exams came back normal except one for the kidneys is a little high. The Dr is watching that and will have a new exam made in a couple of weeks or so to check on it.

     The church is going well. We have activities with the ladies this month and then we are planning end of the year activities. We are seeing new faces and some new ones have decided that this is where they want to worship. However, we miss some who have not come in a while.

     On August 13th, Skip and I celebrated our 63rd Wedding Anniversary and had two of our children with us.

     We want to Praise the Lord:
        …that Naomi is able to be here to help us.
        …for safe trip for those who came to visit.
        …for all of you who pray for us. May God bless each of you.
     Please keep praying:
        …for those we are endeavoring to reach for Christ: Cida, Lucas (dentist), John (eye doctor), Laura (who lost her husband in August), and our neighbors around us,

      We thank each of you for your faithfulness in praying and giving.  We pray for each of you daily. May God bless each of you.

      Looking for that blessed hope.
         Skip & Betty Harkins

Looking to the Blessed Hope