Make Way for a New Ministry

August 24, 2016 | Chris and Danielle Small

Hello Friends!
Things are insane right now! Many of you have heard that we are going on deputation, and are moving out of our apartment. Isaac had his surgery August 1st but is doing fantastic! So many details go into all of this and some days it feel like we are up over our heads with everything!
If you would, please read our newsletter by clicking “May 2016 Small Talk” below and be praying for us this week especially! We are to be out of our apartment the end of this month!
We apologize that sending this is late!

Thank you! And we look forward to seeing many of you within the next few months!

Chris and Danielle Small

We’ve made a new prayer card and if you would like one just send us an email with you address and we’ll get that to you!


Make Way for a New Ministry