Making The Best Of It

November 26, 2020 | Skip and Betty Harkins


Truly we have lots to be thankful for in this topsy-turvy world. We have had a turbulent and uncertain year, for sure. We were on lockdown for a couple months and then got relaxed a little but the elderly could not go out except for groceries and medications. Sometimes we had others go out for us. The church people were so ready to help and we do appreciate them.
We are still not going out much except to church. Sometimes we feel like we are in a cage. lol.

For a little over 5 months we had our services online and could get other messages from others of our supporting churches. Such a blessing for us.

Our church services indoors started in August but Skip and I and another two people continued online for the month. Then we went back to services indoors. But this is constraining also. Have to use masks and do the alcohol gel and distancing. In order to do the distancing, we moved up to the new unfinished building as it is larger and we can do distancing better.

There are many things left to do in the new building. We need to put the ceiling in (hanging ceiling) and the flooring. There are lots of little things left to do. We were hoping to get the ceiling in by the end of the year but that looks like it won’t be done. The handicap bathroom needs to be finished also.

The ladies have been working selling food items and doing bazars to help raise funds for construction. Our ladies group started up again and we are trying to finish the study on the book of Ruth by the end of the year also. I have enjoyed the study and it has been a great big blessing to us. At the moment we are working on music for Christmas.

Skip has continued to get along as good as he can under the circumstances. He continues to be able to walk, (slowly but surely). His speech continues to improve a little at a time. But we manage to understand. He would so love to be able to explain some of the book on Revelation that he is reading. He really gets excited at times. Both of us at times discover truths that we didn’t catch at the time we read before. So thankful that he is healthy in spite of the handicap. He fell again on Nov 18th but I am so thankful he was not hurt or broke any bones. He was standing up by the bed because he had a cramp in his good leg. I left the room a moment and returned to find him lying on the floor between the bed and the wardrobe. Had to call the pastor to come and help get him up. He must have tried to hold on to the bed and so he did not fall so hard.

I (Betty) was able to witness to two people this month. One came to visit about politics and the other was the eye dr. that we have been to see a number of times and each time we have given him something to think about especially where will he spend eternity and he needs to get right with the Lord. Praying for them.

So thankful our daughter was able to visit us in October this year.
Thankful for two more greatgrandchildren this year. A boy and a girl.
Thankful for protection for our family and friends who went through the storm, Laura, in Louisiana.
We are so thankful you are in our lives. Thanks for your faithfulness in praying and giving that we might be here to help win others to the Savior.

Please pray for our building funds to come in so we can finish the building.
Please pray for Joe and John (the ones I witnessed to) and also Cristiano for salvation.
Please pray for four people who will be baptized on December 6: Valdecir, Vanessa and Victor (one family) and Fagner
Please pray for our Women in Action group. That we may be a blessing to those around us as we strive to win others for Christ and help all we can to raise funds to finish the building.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. WE thank our God for you and pray for you daily. So thankful for each of you and your faithfulness in praying and giving that we might remain here.

Until next time, May God bless all of you.
Looking and listening for that trump sound. Are you? Won’t it be wonderful there, having no burdens to bear and no more sickness? And we will be with our Lord and Savior!

In Him,
Skip and Betty Harkins

Making The Best Of It