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January 11, 2023 | Christina Trujillo

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Christina’s Newsletter

Dear friends and family,

Hello from Mbale Uganda! I am now settled back into my house and have had many reunions with friends. The schools went on break right before I arrived and are still not in session, but things are just starting to pick up.

When I first arrived back in Uganda, I did some lessons at El Shaddai children’s home. Every time I get to work with the children from El Shaddai and the surrounding areas, I am very blessed. One child in particular just amazes me with the amount of biblical knowledge they have and the zeal they have to memorize scripture. It is an encouragement for me and a reminder that I should have a heart to know God‘s Word more intimately. I also had the opportunity to help with a village Christmas party. Please open the “Update Pictures” in the link above to see some pics of these activities.

I have also begun teaching at Tyler international school. I still help Deb with Bible class, but I am also teaching watercolor on Friday. I started teaching again at Kamunge this week, and I loved seeing all of the kids again. I was very impressed that they remembered so much of what I taught them. I will be going back to Loved next week, and I can’t wait to see all of the kids!

I feel like the Lord has been working on me so much these past months and has taught me more about what he calls me to do. I am called to love people where I am. I am called to to share Him with those he puts in my path. Above all I am called to seek Him. Please be praying as my time here is coming to an end. That I stay focused on we’re God has me and that I finish my time well.

I want to thank you for supporting me during my time in Uganda, and all that God led me to do. I also want to thank those who have been faithfully praying for me and your continued prayer and support. Thank you for being a part of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Yours in Christ,
Christina Trujillo

El Shaddai Kids

Kids at Kamunge

Kids Lining Up for Shoes

Oldest Girls as Village Christmas Party

Visit to Sipi Falls