Ministry Continues On

June 20, 2020 | Skip and Betty Harkins

The Lord is good, a stronghold in times of trouble and He cares for those who trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7

Hi Everyone,

Just checking in to let you all know how things are doing on this side of the world.

You have all heard, I am sure, that we have been on lockdown since the end of March. We have all been issued a Stay at Home instruction and not go out unless really necessary. Skip and I have mostly been doing that. Our granddaughter Beca was with us through June 4th, which was a great help, especially with Skip.

Skip is feeling much better now and continues with his exercises daily. He is walking a bit slower these days and does not go outside much because it is getting cold as our winter starts today. We try to get him to walk outside some but very little. He seems to be losing weight but eats fairly well and I try to give him a well-balanced diet. His speech keeps improving but he can’t express many sentences any length of time. But he does manage to get across what he wants to say. We just have to have patience. I am glad I feel well enough to meet his everyday needs. Just have to be so careful for I am afraid of him falling again.

The country is slowly opening up again in spite of some areas with the virus. The city of Sao Paulo has had numerous cases and many deaths as a result of the virus. Our community has not had as many cases and most are in the rural areas. Only three deaths so far.

We have been doing services online. We have been able to hear a number of pastors from some of our supporting churches when the time schedule is right. You know the time differences.

Our services will be meeting in the building on July 5th. However, Skip and I and two others will continue to have services online as we are in the high-risk group. A young girl has volunteered to do zoom of the services for us. They will only have services and no other activities for the time being. Our Wednesday night prayer meeting will continue online at least through July. I miss having my Sunday class and ladies’ meetings plus the music but we must be patient. I would like to do something with the ladies on line. Will look into that and see if I can figure out something. I would like to finish our study in the book of Ruth this year. We shall see.

There are restrictions to be able to have these meetings:  Must take temperatures before entering, wear a mask, use alcohol on hands upon entering, and keep a distance of about three feet or more from each other. No handshakes or hugging which is the opposite of normal custom here.

We are so thankful for your faithful prayers and financial help. Would you continue to pray with us:

  •  Pray that our church people will draw closer to God and they may obey the guidelines for meeting together again.
  • Pray for Pastor Leandro as he leads the church and makes decisions and meets the needs of his flock.
  • Pray for the new converts that await baptism which has been put on hold. That they remain firm in their new found faith. (Valdecir, Vanessa, Vitor, and Fagner)
  • Pray for Skip and me in our health. That we can remain healthy through this time.
  • Pray for our church people as they resume meeting in the church building again that they can see the need of witnessing to people who are scared and hurting in this situation.
  • Pray for the country of Brazil as we need lots of prayer for the political unrest here. I know you are praying for our good ole USA also and we are sad at what is happening there also.

May God bless you richly.  Until next time, keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh

Yours for Brazil,
Skip and Betty Harkins

Some of the Church Family