On The Brink Of Cowboy Camp

June 18, 2023 | Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Dear Friends and Family,

We appreciate knowing that we are part of such a big family in Christ. Recently we have continued learning that God is never surprised and is always working in ways that we may not see or expect. Please pray with us in the areas listed below.

We had written in the past about Javier Butron (18 years old) who was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia and has been in hospital since the beginning of October. He has reached a point of stability where he is going to be given a bone marrow transplant. His brother will be the donor. On Tuesday, they will begin preparing the brother, Luis, for the process. Please continue to be in prayer for them.

Please pray for Sharon. She has pneumonia again. She is completing a round of antibiotics but has seen very little effect. We start camp on June 25 and are receiving the team who will be staffing the camp on Tuesday the 20th. They are coming from California Baptist University with an addition of a friend who is originally from San Diego. So, we also need wisdom to see how to make sure that she gets the rest that she needs. 

 As mentioned above, camp starts on Sunday, June 25. We have 42 campers coming, some of whom I have recently bumped into in the supermarket and who are SUPER excited about coming. Please pray for the details of camp and for the natural outreach which occurs during the 6 full days of doing life together. 

In our last update, we mentioned a new family that started coming to our services. They asked about the possibility of having another meeting time during the week as they have to rush off to return to work after the Sunday service. After looking into the possibility, we decided to start “Going Deeper” on Tuesday evenings. The first Tuesday, the entire church group showed up! Since then, the numbers have varied depending on work schedules, but the enthusiasm has not changed. It is a moment when we discuss the Sunday study more in depth and then also have an additional section where any questions or doubts can be brought up. It has been an amazing time together growing as a body. We have now stopped meeting due to summer activities and will restart the group again in the fall. Please continue to pray for the church group in Tafalla as we learn how to follow our amazing Lord. The youngest of the group, Diego, who is 10 years old, who despite his age is very participatory and lives out his faith at school. Pray for him as he often gets singled out by his peers as he may well be the only believer at his school.

Thank you again for your prayers for life and ministry here.

With our love in Christ,
Dan and Sharon Leatherwood

Siete Robles Camp

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