Opportunities & Blessings To Be Thankful For

November 23, 2019 | Franc and Mary Ortega

Dear Family and Friends,

As the Day approaches when we nationally recognize our thanks to the Lord for His mercies and blessings, it is good to reflect upon what He has provided.  There are joys and pains.  There are spiritual highs and emotional lows.  Yet we know our God is loving us through all of these.  He NEVER leaves us.  When we travel to foreign countries or remain at home, He is showering us with blessings.

Please take a few minutes to open the prayer letter below titled The Ortega’s November 2019 Prayer Letter to get a glimpse of some of the ways the Lord has been working in and through the Ortega family these past few months.  We are humbled by His grace and mercy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Ortegas


Baptized Believers


IBCM Facilitators