Our Anchor In The Storm

December 9, 2020 | Frank and Salud Benoit

Dear Friends,

       Please find below a link to our final quarterly prayer letter for 2020. It certainly has been a pretty crazy year for all of us with the Covid-19 pandemic and so many other issues around the world. We hope that all of you are well and looking to the Lord Jesus, not only for Christmas, but all through the year. He is our Anchor in the storm and came to take away any fear we may have!

       At the bottom of the prayer letter, I have included a P.S. about my book. I still haven’t received word from the publisher that the print edition is available. Although they said it would probably be by the end of November, they still haven’t told me it is actually available. So in the P.S. I’m asking you to just check at the online places before Christmas. If you have any questions, please just write me.

       Thank you for praying for us, and for sharing with us to those who support us or send a year-end gift to TBM.

God give you a safe and blessed Christmas, 

Frank and Salud


Our Anchor In The Storm