Our New Pastor Is Here!

February 21, 2022 | Skip and Betty Harkins

But I trusted the Lord in Thy loving kindness. My heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me. (Psalm 13:5)

Things have been much of a standstill in our yearend activities and beginning of 2022. We have had services cancelled, and people traveling for the holidays and vacation most of December and January. Many of our people were out with covid.  Even I had covid flu.

  Our ladies’ program has been on hold since the end of November. We will begin our year activities on March 5th with a special program for the women for the Women’s Day International. Then we begin our studies and other activities of the year.

I asked prayer, in my last letter, for a new pastor since our Pastor Leandro was leaving the 30th of December. He gave us the news in March last year. So, we began praying for someone else. God has answered that need, and on February 17th, our new pastor moved into the parsonage. His name is Angelo, wife’s name Adriana and two children, Esther (6) and John (10mo.) We look forward to what God will do in our midst through his ministry. We will be mapping out our year’s activities as soon as the pastor gets settled. Since covid is beginning to settle down, he hopes to be able to do visitation.

February 15th marked 59 years since Skip and I landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have been blessed to see so many come to the Lord and remain faithful to Him. One blessing that we have seen is that some supporting churches and individuals have been with us from the very first. Thank you for your love and prayers and financial help. God bless you all richly!

In November, Skip had dental problems so a trip to the dentist was necessary. On Feb 15th was a trip to the eye doctor. He had been complaining a lot. The problem was the tear duct on the left eye was clogged. The doctor cleaned it and it is much better. He is using medication and not complaining. Dr Humbert says he is in good shape physically. We do exercises every day but Sunday. He still does physical therapy twice a week for heavy exercises and pain. His speech is coming along but we will start doing more Portuguese this year.

In December, I (Betty) had a bout with Uric Acid in my right ankle which was swollen and hurt like mad. Dr. gave antibiotics and pain medicine. I was in bed one whole day as could not put my foot on the floor or pressure. I stumbled around for two days or so.

On January 25th I had surgery on my right heel as I had a wart or something growing and getting more painful for walking. On January 26th I was diagnosed with covid flu which affected mostly the throat. Bad sore throat and coughing and itching in the throat. I survived. It was the worst cold I have ever had. But I did drink lots of tea with garlic and lemon which helped a lot.

…..Our new pastor and family
…..for all of us who have recovered from Covid
…..for the good job the men of the church did filling in on Wednesday
nights when we were without a pastor. They did a good job!
…..for Skip and I feeling better. Doc Humberto says Skip is doing great.

…..One of our families has moved away to northern Brazil. Pray they
remain firm in their walk with the Lord & that the husband can find a job.
…..our ladies ministry this year.
…..a men’s Bible study group which the pastor hopes to begin, to help the
men learn how to prepare Bible studies

May we all look up for our Redemption drawth nigh.

Yours to Brazil,

Skip and Betty Harkins

Our New Pastor Is Here!