Praise & Prayer Request From Italy

May 21, 2021 | Mirco and Paola Franzini

Dear brothers in Christ, here we are with our latest news for 21 May 2021


1) Having passed Covid without however having complicated consequences-
2) The remarkable support in prayer and through the different means of communication that helped us to overcome the critical moments of the illness –
3) Having the evangelistic and preaching ministry and restarting meetings within our area and outside
4) Having been able to preach through private TV and preached via Zoom and Skype-
5) Having been involved several times in preaching in the Evangelical rehabilitation center of Sermide-
5) Having brothers and sisters like you who really show, with phone calls, messages and prayers, that you still consider us genuine, even though limited and imperfect workers of Christ-


1) May the Lord grant us to see more openness in souls for salvation – We have several friends and numerous contacts, but only in some do we see a certain thirst for God. (in particolare, Chiara and Marzia)
2) May we establish an additional Bible reading group at our home – Covid prevented us from having meetings at our home as a group but it seems that things are now evolving towards the better-
3) Here are some names of people we want to meet again:
a) Uber; Catholic who only prays to Jesus –
b) Gabriella and her husband who are managers of the grocery store near our house – They risked losing their lives with Covid but God spared them – I evangelized the wife several times, I don’t know if she is really open but we notice that she cares about our friendship and sometimes confides her problems.
c)Some hospital workers and nurses Mirco was able to share his testimony and give out New Testaments to.
4) The conversion of Maurizio and Monica who are our next door neighbors, who are friendly and open.
Maurizio often confides in us his problems and asks Mirco to pray for him. They accepted the Christian daily calendar and when they heard of our recovery, they gave us an expensive bottle of wine to celebrate!
We have been receiving telephone calls from pastors and elders in which they confide of the breaking up of their churches of Occhiobello, Suzzara and Sasso Marconi. Otherwise, there are members no longer attending the meetings. Satan has used all this opening and closing of our country to confuse the weak Christians and many backsliding in their faith. Pray that many will repent and return to the Shepherd and to his fold.

Thank you for being at our side all through these past few months. God bless and reward you greatly.

Fighting the good fight,
Mirco and Paola Franzini

Preaching at the Rehab Center