Praises For Many February Blessings

February 28, 2020 | Delwin and Techy Fowler


Thanks for your faithful prayers and generous gifts.  We are including some pictures of the VBS that occurred a month ago already.

Since then, we have had a group from Branson, MO come help for three weeks.  They did some kids’ programs and helped with the youth as well.  It was such a blessing having them and some of our youth even had the opportunity to share their testimonies with them as they did for our church.

The group of young people from here that went on a mission trip to Lima for the month of February is being missed but we hear they are still doing a great job on the coast.  We will get a real report this Sunday as we have a special communion service with the reports of what all they did.  It will be great having them back! Our youth group numbers have grown in their absence so it will be interesting to see how the two groups grow together for the rest of the summer.

The next big focus for us will be moving into our new house and remodeling our current house for it to become the church building for The Community Bible Church of Tarapoto.  During the month of February, we have had people standing in the sun at the rear of the carport (where we hold church now) so everyone is excited about having more space for sitting in the church service after we have moved out of here and into our new home.

Please pray for this as we still have so much to accomplish and it will be great changes for both the Church and our family.  The goal is to accomplish all this before the end of April.  At times, it seems impossible but God is great at doing the impossible.

Thank you to everyone who has help financially with this project.  It is very appreciated and we trust God for supplying all our needs.  According to Philippians 4:19, it is according to Gods riches, not ours, that He supplies all our needs.  It is so encouraging to know people are praying and giving so the work here in Tarapoto continues to advance.

Have a great day and God bless,

Delwin & Techy Fowler

Construction Zone

Hard Hat Area

Taking notes


All Lined Up